Fire Suppression with Water Mist

Telesto has developed its own technology for extinguishing fires using water mist. The unique characteristics of the water mist generated by Telesto’s mist systems make it an exceptionally versatile fire suppression agent that not only effectively extinguishes fires but is also safe for people and the environment. 

Water Mist in Fire Protection

The technology of generating water mist through Telesto systems is widely used in fire protection. Telesto systems can protect offices, warehouses, and production halls. In fire protection solutions, Telesto utilizes both volumetric extinguishing systems, where the entire space is filled with mist, and spot extinguishing systems. 

Water Mist in Dust Control

Telesto offers professional systems for dust control. The core component of such a system is specialized nozzles that generate water mist. Fine water droplets in the form of water mist effectively “capture” dust particles, aggregating them into larger clusters, thereby reducing their volatility. Telesto can adapt its dust control systems to various dust-related issues. 

Room Disinfection with Water Mist

Telesto has developed specialized systems for room and equipment disinfection. These systems are based on water mist generation technology, which, combined with a disinfectant, quickly fills large spaces and allows for their disinfection. This technology enables swift disinfection of offices, production halls, buses, train cars, and other areas. 

Meat Cooling with Water Mist

Can production costs for cured meats be further reduced? It turns out that yes, and the key to straightforward savings is optimizing the meat cooling process, which consumes a significant amount of water. The breakthrough in this field is the technology developed by Telesto S.A., which utilizes water mist for the meat cooling process.