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Mist Generation Technology – FEN Solutions

In its firefighting systems, Telesto utilizes FEN nozzles. FEN-type solutions for generating water mist are low-pressure, two-media systems that are environmentally safe. To produce very fine water mist (droplet size in the range of 15-40 μm), compressed air or nitrogen and water are used. The de Laval nozzle arrangement employed in FEN® nozzles accelerates the gas to supersonic speeds, and the resulting shock-rarefaction wave breaks up the water, forming water droplets that create a mist stream. The dispersion degree and kinetic energy of the mist depend on the type of FEN nozzles used and the parameters of the supplied media (gas, water).

Advantages of Telesto mist systems utilizing FEN nozzles:

  • Maximum extinguishing efficiency of the mist, thanks to the large evaporation surface of very small water droplets
  • Rapid dispersion of mist throughout the entire room, thanks to the high kinetic energy of the stream
  • Elimination of the risk of structural cracks, housing, and steel and ceramic energy elements (no thermal shock)
  • Safety of individuals and property due to low water and gas pressure in the system’s operating area
  • Avoidance of post-fire losses from flooding
  • Ability to extinguish live electrical equipment
  • Minimal water consumption