Mist disinfection

Disinfection Using Water Mist

Telesto has developed specialized systems for disinfecting rooms and equipment. These systems are based on the technology of generating water mist, which, combined with a disinfectant, quickly fills large spaces and enables their disinfection. This technology allows for rapid disinfection of offices, production halls, buses, wagons, and other areas. The disinfectant that works well in conjunction with water mist is active nano-oxygen. Telesto fogging systems with active nano-oxygen make disinfection very fast and efficient.

When using Telesto disinfection systems, the mist nozzle is placed in such a way that the mist can fill the entire room. Fine mist droplets spread throughout the room, reaching even surfaces that are not directly exposed to it. Thanks to fogging, not only surfaces of objects are disinfected, but also the entire volume of air in the given area.

The choice of a specific device depends on the intended use and technical capabilities at the location.

For more information about disinfection devices, visit:  www.dezynfekcja.telestosa.pl