Telesto Water Mist

Telesto Water Mist

Telesto is a Polish company that develops and implements water mist generation technology. We produce specialized mist nozzles that generate mist droplets ranging in size from a few to several microns. Based on these nozzles, our engineers design solutions that harness the advantages of water mist in various market segments. Among the most popular applications are mist systems for firefighting and fire protection systems. Additionally, we offer solutions that utilize water mist for dust suppression in industries, room disinfection, and cooling of meat products during their production process.

The nozzles used in Telesto systems produce mist of varying droplet sizes. Larger droplets, due to their high kinetic energy, are capable of reaching the source of the fire; smaller droplets quickly absorb heat from the fire and evaporate, turning into water vapor. Different types and sizes of Telesto nozzles generate mist with different parameters, so we select the appropriate type of nozzles and water pressure levels for specific market applications.

Telesto Water Mist – FEN Solutions This is a system for generating very fine water mist, thanks to the use of special gas-water nozzle construction creating a uniform mist stream with droplet sizes ranging from 15-40 μm.

Telesto Water Mist – RotorMist Solutions This is a system for generating water mist with water droplet sizes ranging from 55 to 75 µm. Due to the small droplet size, the sprayed water has a very large total surface area, allowing for rapid heat exchange with the surroundings. This solution is recommended for fire protection in small facilities.

Telesto Water Mist – MMist Solutions Similar to the RotorMist solutions, this is a system for generating water mist with water droplet sizes ranging from 80 to 150 µm. It is also used in fire protection systems, but it is dedicated to large facilities, thanks to the additional pumps that make up the MMist system. With additional pumps, the system can maintain the appropriate pressure for any size fire protection infrastructure.