Fire Fighting

Telesto Mist Systems in Fire Fighting

Telesto has developed its own technology for extinguishing fires using water mist. The unique characteristics of water mist generated by Telesto mist systems make it an exceptionally versatile firefighting agent that not only effectively extinguishes fires but is also safe for people and the environment. Below, we list the key advantages of Telesto water mist for fire suppression.

Effectiveness of Fire Suppression and Minimal Water Consumption:

Telesto mist systems for fire suppression break down standard-sized water droplets into dozens of smaller ones, each around 25 microns in size. This significantly increases the surface contact between water and fire, thereby enhancing the efficiency of fire suppression. This high efficiency allows fires to be extinguished using minimal water. Traditional firefighting systems that use plain water waste about 90% of the stored water in firefighting tanks, as only 10% makes direct contact with the fire, while the rest falls to the ground, causing damage often exceeding the losses caused by the fire itself. Telesto’s firefighting systems are much more efficient. For example, to extinguish a diesel oil fire spilled on a 1.5m diameter tray, no more than 2 water bottles are needed!

Safety in Fire Suppression:

Telesto mist systems for fire suppression are low-pressure solutions, meaning they send a stream of water mist towards the fire at significantly lower pressure than traditional firefighting systems using water. Consequently, Telesto solutions do not cause the typical “recoil” and are easy to operate, making them effective even for individuals not trained in handling traditional firefighting equipment. An additional advantage of Telesto mist systems with low-pressure water mist is that they are well-suited for extinguishing people engulfed in flames or trapped in vehicles or buildings. This is because such victims are not threatened by high water pressure.

Confirmed Effectiveness:

The high effectiveness of fire suppression by Telesto mist systems has been confirmed by the Scientific Research and Testing Center for Fire Protection, the Polish scientific research institute of the State Fire Service, and the DMT Research Laboratory for Fire Protection based in Dortmund, Germany.

Telesto systems excel in extinguishing various types of fires:

  • solid material fires,
  • flammable liquid fires,
  • flammable gas fires,
  • fires involving electrical equipment up to 245 kV,
  • edible oil fires.

Types of Telesto Mist Systems for Fire Suppression:

  • Extinguishing units – more
  • Mist curtains – more
  • Mist lances – more
  • Mist nozzles – more
  • Backpack devices – more