Mist lance

Telesto Mist Lances

The company Telesto offers specialized Mist Lances designed for firefighters, enabling the extinguishing of rooms using water mist without the need to enter them. The mist lance can be connected to a fire hose of 25 or 52, allowing firefighting operations even from a light firetruck. Mist lances, thanks to low water consumption (40-50 liters per minute), enable firefighting for a relatively long time even with a small water supply.

The idea of using a mist lance for firefighting is based on the ability to combat fire in a room that is inaccessible. In such a case, it is sufficient to drill a hole in the wall or door of the room, place the lance in it, and start firefighting. Water mist quickly absorbs heat and cools the room without flooding it. This is demonstrated in the following video.

Telesto company offers Mist Lances in a set with a Hilti cordless drill designed for drilling in metal and concrete. Detailed data sheets for mist lances (PRO1 and PRO2 models) are provided upon email request. Below, we present photos of Telesto Mist Lances.