Limiting Dust in Power Generation

Limiting Dust Emissions in Power Generation

The introduction of biomass into energy production has led to an increase in the nuisance of dust emissions. Biomass is characterized by a high level of dust emissions, both during its production and during handling and transportation. That’s why Telesto offers dust emission reduction systems for power plants and combined heat and power plants.

Telesto’s dust emission reduction system for conveying

For both biomass and clean coal combustion installations, Telesto offers comprehensive systems combining mist heads and diffusers. Their task is to limit dust emissions at all stages of biomass processing in power plants and combined heat and power plants, starting from unloading trucks, through conveyors, conveyors, and all the way to bunkers on reversing carts or plows. The Telesto system is characterized by high dust removal efficiency with minimal fuel moisture increase.

Depending on the customer’s expectations, the dust emission reduction system can be further complemented by a suitably selected dust level detection system, control system, and visualization system, which enable monitoring of the system’s operation.