Dust Suppression

Telesto Water Mist Systems for Dust Suppression

Telesto offers professional dust suppression systems. The key components of such a system are specialized nozzles that generate water mist, transforming water into very fine droplets with diameters ranging from a few to several tens of microns. Thanks to such fine atomization, water droplets effectively “capture” dust particles, combining them into larger agglomerates, thereby reducing their volatility.

Telesto can tailor its dust suppression systems to various dust-related issues. Depending on the location of dust generation, the type of dust, and the requirements and expectations of the customers, the company selects the appropriate components that will effectively reduce dust emission while staying within the specified budget constraints. Telesto approaches each problem individually, designing solutions tailored to the customer’s expectations.

Below are a few typical applications for our systems:

  1. Mining
  2. Biomass and coal
  3. Waste processing