Fire Protection for Transformers

Fire Protection for Transformers and Generators

Telesto offers specialized fire suppression systems for transformers, generators, and related infrastructure. These systems are based on the technology of generating mist from a foam extinguishing agent.

Foam mist as a firefighting agent effectively displaces oxygen from the fire through its rapid expansion upon contact with heat, thus creating a neutral environment. Foam mist, through its cooling properties, controls the risk of re-ignition and the spread of potentially destructive fires. Foam mist also prevents “thermal shock” and poses no threat to equipment with hot surfaces, which could crack or be damaged due to rapid cooling. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for extinguishing fires in costly critical infrastructure such as transformers or generators.

Example of a fire protection system for a transformer in a room:



1 – oil transformer up to 25 m³ in size

2 – enclosed room up to 110 m³

3 – unit supplying the extinguishing agent

4 – piping system

5 – mist-generating heads