Fire Protection

Telesto Water Mist Systems in Fire Protection

The technology of generating water mist using Telesto systems is widely employed in fire protection. Telesto systems can safeguard office spaces, warehouses, and production halls. In fire protection solutions, Telesto utilizes both volumetric extinguishing systems, where the entire space is filled with mist, and spot extinguishing systems. Due to its dynamic nature, water mist overcomes convective currents of fire, allowing it to extinguish specific points even in large-volume spaces. For example, it is possible to design a system that protects specific areas in a large production hall.

Changing the Approach to Fire Protection

The use of Telesto water mist for fire suppression completely changes the mindset of fire protection. In many traditional systems, fire detectors are intentionally set to be moderately sensitive, causing the firefighting system to activate relatively late. This is done to prevent accidental activation, as flooding entire spaces with water in such situations can result in significant losses.


The application of Telesto fire protection systems, which extinguish fires using water mist, enables the use of exceptionally sensitive detection. It signals the activation of firefighting immediately since, due to minimal water consumption, mist systems are less harmful to property, and their unwarranted activation does not lead to losses. Early activation of firefighting systems in the case of a real fire significantly increases the chances of extinguishing it.


Telesto water mist systems can be utilized for:

– Fire protection of buildings

– Fire protection of PV panels

– Fire protection of engines in heavy vehicles

– Fire protection of transformers and generators