Meat Cooling

Water Mist Meat Cooling

Can production costs for deli meats be further reduced? It turns out they can, and the key to simple savings lies in optimizing the meat cooling process, which consumes a lot of water. A breakthrough in this field is the technology developed by Telesto S.A., which uses water mist for the meat cooling process.

The effectiveness of meat cooling with plain water depends on the size of droplets used in the cooling process. A standard droplet in the water stream typically used for cooling meats provides a moderate effect. Additionally, most of the water falls to the ground and contributes to industrial wastewater. However, the situation is entirely different if this single standard droplet is broken down into dozens of smaller droplets ranging in size from 10 to 60 micrometers, transforming it into water mist. In this case, the water surface meant to cool the meats becomes incomparably larger, and thanks to the increased contact surface, the cooling process is more efficient.

Leveraging this phenomenon, Telesto has developed a meat cooling system based on special misting nozzles. This system allows for up to 70% water savings in the cooling process, thus producing 70% less wastewater. Implementing this system not only ensures savings but also contributes to environmental protection, making it eligible for grants from various sources.

Thanks to its innovative approach to meat cooling, Telesto was awarded the Gold Medal at the Polagra 2021 trade fair. This solution is therefore a novelty that is primarily embraced by facilities most open to innovation.

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