RotorMist Solutions

Mist Generation Technology – RotorMist Solutions

Telesto’s fire protection systems based on RotorMist technology are intended for securing small facilities or office spaces. They have been designed as an alternative to other fire protection systems using halons, CO2, or other gases and substances harmful to the environment, as well as systems using large amounts of water.

The RotorMist technology is a low-pressure single-fluid system (a mixture of water and gas delivered through a single pipeline) that uses pressurized water and gas to generate fine water mist (water droplet size ranging from 55 to 75 µm). The unique properties of the RotorMist system are achieved through the special design of nozzles and rotors installed inside water tanks.

Advantages of the Telesto RotorMist system:

  • Prevention of material damage due to water flooding or the use of chemical extinguishing agents
  • Minimal water consumption, as the RotorMist System utilizes water quantities calculated for each specific case
  • Maximum extinguishing efficiency of the mist, thanks to the large evaporation surface of fine water particles
  • Rapid application of mist to the protected object, thanks to the high kinetic energy of the mist stream
  • Safety of personnel and property, thanks to low gas and water pressures within the system’s operating area