Mist Nozzles

Mist Nozzles by Telesto

Nozzles are essential tools used by fire departments worldwide for firefighting operations. Traditional nozzles are devices that control the water stream during firefighting. By employing water mist technology for fire suppression, Telesto has designed special mist nozzles that, from the water stream in the fire hose, generate a water mist stream. Mist nozzles not only enable the generation of water mist but also allow its precise direction to the source of fire, which is crucial for effective and safe firefighting.

Below is a video demonstrating fire suppression using Telesto’s mist nozzle.

The Telesto family of mist nozzles is designed to work with existing firefighting and reconnaissance vehicles at a constant low pressure. Water mist is a versatile fire suppression agent that allows extinguishing solid materials, liquids, and oils. The low water consumption, compared to traditional nozzles, makes Telesto’s solutions an efficient and cost-effective alternative.