Other solutions

Water Mist in Other Applications

In addition to its use in firefighting and fire protection, Telesto misting systems also find application in the process of cooling meat during its production and in room disinfection processes.

Water Mist in Meat Cooling

The effectiveness of meat cooling with plain water depends on the size of droplets used in the cooling process. A standard droplet in a water stream, typically used for cooling meat, provides moderate results. However, the situation changes dramatically when this single standard droplet is broken down into dozens of smaller droplets, transforming it into water mist. In this case, the water surface, which is meant to cool the meat, becomes incomparably larger, and thanks to the increased contact surface, the cooling process is more efficient. Leveraging this phenomenon, Telesto has developed a meat cooling system based on special misting nozzles.


Disinfection Using Water Mist


Telesto has also developed specialized room disinfection systems based on water mist generation technology, which, combined with a disinfectant, quickly fills large spaces and enables their disinfection. Thanks to this technology, rapid disinfection of offices, production halls, buses, train cars, and other areas is possible.