Mist extinguishers

Telesto Mist Fire Extinguishers

Telesto offers various types of mist fire extinguishers as well as mist-foam fire extinguishers. Mist fire extinguishers enable quick, effective, and damage-free fire suppression, as the extinguished object and its surroundings are not harmed by the extinguishing agent.

Extinguishing fires in indoor environments using traditional powder extinguishers often results in losses due to the harmful effects of the powder. Such damages are highly undesirable, especially in office spaces where electronic equipment and documents may be damaged. Additionally, in production lines, the key is the ability to return to work immediately without unnecessary downtime for cleaning and disposing of contaminated surfaces.

The following video demonstrates the difference in extinguishing a fire with a traditional powder fire extinguisher (left side of the screen) compared to extinguishing a fire with a Telesto mist fire extinguisher (right side of the screen).

Uses of Mist Fire Extinguishers

The unique T-Rotor technology for generating water mist minimizes damages caused by fire suppression. It is ideal for extinguishing fires involving oils, edible fats, burning clothing on people, important documents, and equipment. It effectively extinguishes fires without leaving traces of the extinguishing agent.

It is perfect for protecting public utility facilities, especially offices, archives, schools, medical clinics, law firms, as well as gastronomic facilities and household kitchens, as mist fire extinguishers can also be used to extinguish class F fires.


Key features of mist fire extinguishers:

  • ergonomic and easy to use
  • quick and effective in extinguishing fires
  • fully ecological
  • economical in service maintenance
  • pressure indicator valve for easy extinguisher control
  • valve construction allows for temporary interruption of extinguishing
  • refillable

Telesto mist fire extinguishers extinguish many types of fires, are certified for class A and F, but can also effectively extinguish flammable liquid fires (details of passed tests are available upon request).


TELESTO mist fire extinguishers are available in sizes:

EX-WM3 – 3kg

EX-WM6 – 6kg

EX-GFM6 – 6kg with the addition of an ecological foam-forming agent

Also available for sale is the small mist device EX-WM1 – with 1.4kg of extinguishing agent.