Telesto Technologies

A key element of Telesto’s technology is liquid atomization – breaking down droplets of a given liquid, such as water, into much smaller particles. Atomization occurs in specially designed and patented nozzles, powered by liquid and low-pressure compressed gas, utilizing technology similar to that used in jet engines. Modifications to the nozzles enable adjustment of the range, shape of the stream, and droplet size. Depending on the application, the size of droplets produced in the system ranges from 5 to 150 microns.

It is worth noting that dispersed liquid has a much larger contact surface with the surroundings, which brings tangible benefits:

  • In the case of firefighting, this allows for the effective utilization of the extinguishing agent, thanks to greater evaporation surface area.
  • In decontamination, it enables very precise coverage of disinfected surfaces.
  • And in dust suppression, it maximizes the effectiveness of capturing dust particles.